NDIS Services & Supports

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If you're new to the NDIS, there are some easy-read booklets available on understanding the NDIS system, planning for yourself, and using your Plan. Visit https://www.ndis.gov.au/participants  to find out more.

If you already have an NDIS Support Plan, Beresfield Community Care can help with a wide range of services and support to assist you or a loved one  - click on the green boxes to find out more:

Support Coordination

Our trained and caring Support Coordinators can help you understand and put your plan into action.

They can help you build the skills you need to use your plan to achieve your goals, whatever they are.

We will work hard with you, so you can live as independently as you are able, and participate in your community, using the NDIS funds available to you.

Together, we'll get the best value from your NDIS plan, accessing the supports and providers that suit you best.

Transport and Travel Training

Our friendly team can provide transport to wherever you are going, (and home again) or we can help you take public transport by building your confidence to do so.

Learning to use transport services could be a key part of living an independent life.

All our staff have NDIS Worker Check and Police Check

Meals – preparation or delivery

Our friendly staff can help you to prepare the meals you like in your own home.

Or if you prefer, we can arrange for the delivery of frozen nutritious meals to your door, ready to heat and serve when you want it.

Our menu has a wide range of meals available including vegetarian, curries, pasta, roast dinners, fish and much more. We can also cater for special dietary requirements.

Household Help

Our team can help with a range of household tasks such as:

  • Vacuuming;
  • Mopping;
  • Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom;
  • Doing the laundry - hanging it out and bringing it in etc.

We can also help you set up systems to make some of these tasks easier for you, helping you develop and keep some independence.

We can do the task for you if you are unable, or we can work with you to develop your skills and abilities to so these things for yourself.  

Personal/Self Care

We can help you with a wide range of day-to-day things such as;

  • eating;
  • getting ready to go out;
  • showering and toileting;
  • medication;
  • grooming;

the way you like it and with your dignity in mind.

Social & Community Participation

There are many specialised and regular activities and groups our participants like to attend. We can help you join in the activities of your choice, with one-on-one social support, or you might like to attend organised groups such as the Men's Shed, visit the library or local Neighbourhood Centre.

Whatever activity or hobby it is you like to do, we can take you there and support you to participate.

We can also support you to connect with medical and other important appointments.

Connection through Technology

Our Connect with Tech program can give you one-on-one training and help using technology such as phone, laptop or iPad, the internet, online shopping, emails and more.

Social activity groups

Many people prefer group settings. We can help you to access a range of BCC activities and groups, including our Friendship Club.

We have a calendar of events and outings that show the various activities. Please call us on (02) 4964 1131 to find out more.

Capacity Building & Development of Life Skills 

We can support you to achieve your goals by working on or improving your skills, abilities, and resilience including:

  • learning to cook;
  • cleaning/tidying your home;
  • helping you prepare for your driver’s license;
  • getting organized and ready to work;
  • connecting to volunteering activities;
  • joining interest or sporting clubs or other important life experiences.

We can also help you try and regain skills you may have lost through accident or illness.

Home & Garden Maintenance

This service is designed to help you keep your yard safe, tidy and accessible.

It includes:

  • lawn mowing
  • light gardening
Assist children with specialised care 

Our trained and caring team can help within the family home assisting with the family routine such as support with homework, dinner preparation, playing games and activities, and depending on the age of the children, assist with bedtime.  Our support workers have their ‘Working with Children’ check and are able to supervise the children whist the parent/s go out.

Please note our workers are not able to supervise or support siblings who are not NDIS participants or BCC clients.

Call us on 02 4964 1131 or complete the form below and we'll call you: