My Aged Care Services & Supports

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Beresfield Community Care provides a wide range of services and support to assist you if you eligible for subsidised in-home aged care from MY AGED CARE - find out more below:

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels provides a range of nutritious, snap frozen meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Choose from an extensive range of cuisines – dietary requirements including gluten free, diabetic and pureed meals are available.  

Meals are delivered* Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays across the Lower Hunter Region.

You can order as often – or as little - as you like – there’s no contract or minimum order

*free delivery for eligible customers

Prices for individual items are listed in the menu. You can download the menu here…  or call us on 4964 1131 Monday – Friday 7.30am – 5.00pm and we’ll arrange for a menu to be posted to you.

Home and Yard Maintenance and Home Modifications

Home Maintenance is assistance designed to assist with small maintenance and repair jobs on and in your home. 

Home Maintenance jobs:

  • Minor repairs to gutters
  • Installation of security locks
  • Minor plumbing, i.e. washers, minor leaks, minor blockages
  • Lawn mowing and garden tidies
  • One off garden maintenance (low level, etc)
  • Electrical — changing light bulbs & replacing switches
  • Liaising with appropriate allied health providers regarding assessment of an individual\s needs and identification of maintenance works to your needs
  • We can also consider any other requirements recommended by your Occupational Therapist.

Home Modification jobs:

  • Indoor and/outdoor ramps and rails to improve access
  • Handheld showers
  • Widen doorways
  • Modify bathrooms e.g. remove shower hob
Yard Maintenance

This service includes garden or yard maintenance to help you keep the yard safe and tidy. It  includes regular lawn mowing and garden tidies, as well as one-off garden maintenance. Please note this service is to keep access to and around your home safe - it is not a beautification or make-over service. 

To be eligible for subsidised home modification work an assessment will be done by an accredited Occupational Therapist to ensure it is suitable for your specific needs. We can help coordinate this on your behalf.

Household help

This service provides support to clean the essential areas of your home by ‘do with’ rather than ‘do for’, with the aim of supporting your independence. The service includes doing some of the heavier tasks that can become more difficult with age, such as mopping and vacuuming floors, cleaning the bathroom including the shower, bath, toilet and basin, help with your laundry including hanging it out/bringing it in and ironing any essential clothes. We can also clean your kitchen bench tops, stove top and change the bed linen and prepare a meal for you.

Please note you must be at home when this service is scheduled. We are unable to conduct the service if you are out.

Personal care

Personal Care provides support with daily self-care tasks to help maintain appropriate standards of hygiene and grooming.

Services may include assistance with:

  • bathing, showering or sponging and toileting (or supervision of for your safety)
  • dressing and undressing
  • shaving, hair care (not hair cutting) and grooming
  • taking medication
  • mobility including getting in and out of bed; to sit up, to turn, to stand and walk, to sit, to transfer to commode or chair.
  • prescribed exercise or therapy programs
  • fitting and use of aids.


We can support you by:

  • Picking you up and taking you shopping, including helping with groceries (and taking you home) 
  • Shopping on your behalf with your list if you are unable to go out because of illness etc. 
  • Taking you to the bank, chemist or to pay your bills
  • Helping you learn how to shop online using your phone or tablet if you prefer


We can provide a range of flexible and responsive transport options. We can match your need for transport with the most appropriate transport mode and support. We use a variety of vehicles including private car, taxi, community bus or our own comfortable and accessible Imax vehicle.

Transport is available throughout the Lower Hunter including to the major hospitals in the region for specialist medical appointments. Carers are very welcome and travel at no charge. Bookings are essential.

Transport costs are dependent on kilometers traveled. At the time of your booking, we can provide an estimate of your expected charge.

Social Activities and Outings
  • Social Outings
  • Friendship Club
  • Men’s Social Group

Remaining socially active is important for our health and wellbeing, whether it is one-on-one with our friendly staff or volunteers, or in a group setting. We have a range of options to suit most interests.

A nominal, affordable, fee may be charged dependent on cost of the attraction, meals and transport. Often these can be fully funded (HCP) or subsidised (CHSP) from your program – we can confirm when you book.

You can enjoy a variety options including enjoying morning tea, brunch or lunch at various cafes and restaurants in the region in small groups. Our friendly team provides door-to-door pick up. 

Download a copy of our latest calendar of events and make your selection!

Friendship Club

Our Friendship Club provides various activities including theme days (e.g. St Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Halloween etc), guest speakers - both informative and entertaining, outings to see a show at the theatre as well as taking part in community activities.

Transport can be provided to you at a nominal fee – please call us to find out more.

Please download the calendar of events for the fee for attending the Friendship Club. This fee includes morning tea, lunch and the day’s activity.

Companionship Visits

If you are house bound and would like some company one of our volunteers can visit you at home, take you out for a cup of coffee, accompany you on a walk in your neighbourhood, or just have a cuppa and a chat at home with you.

Bookings are essential for social outings. Please call us on 4964 1131 to book your preferred outing.

Assistance with Locating an Appropriate Service or Equipment

We are able to help you find the service, support or specialist equipment you may need by contacting us at the office.

Carer’s Group

Caring can be emotionally and physically tiring and many carers put their own needs last. It is important to keep yourself healthy and make your own well being a priority, in order to be able to maintain your caring role.

The Carer’s Group support group meets regularly and can provide current information, guest speakers, social and emotional support.

This service is available to any carer no assessment is needed to join. Please call us on 4964 1131 to discuss how we can help.

Other services

We can also help you with in forms/paperwork. One of our Care Co-ordinators will come out and assist you with completing forms, respecting your privacy and confidentiality.

We can help support you to fill in the form/s if you are Confused by the form and having trouble understanding what is required;

  • Having difficulty with writing
  • Having difficulty reading the form
  • Please call us on 4964 1131 to discuss how we can help.