Kurri Kurri

Practical Support through NDIS

If you are living with disabilities and are under 65 years of age, we recommend that you consider support planned around you, enabled by the National Disability Insurance Scheme and designed with you in mind.

Beresfield Community Care in Kurri Kurri is proud to introduce you to our dedicated team of qualified and committed people, ready to provide you with practical support to remain living in your home.

We know you deserve the life you want, in the comfort of home. We want to partner with you so that you can continue living your life in your familiar surroundings.

Consider this before you choose:

  • We are local – this means we are close to you and ready to deliver service.
  • We are passionate – we care about what we do.
  • We are qualified – you deserve this.
  • We are well-trained on an ongoing basis – you would expect that.
  • We are committed – to provide excellent and ongoing care to our clients.

We are also a not-for-profit community organisation. What does that mean in simple terms?

  • We have no shareholders
  • We return all our profits to the business to benefit you
  • We use our profits for training, service excellence and delivery

Important to Consider

  • Our entire team is police checked for your safety
  • We are inclusive of diversity and proud of it
  • We have a Reconciliation Action Plan and are committed to it
  • We hire on strong values of Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus, Excellence and Professionalism. We are committed to these values to provide you with the best care experience.
  • Our entire team is police checked for your safety
  • Our organisation was given a 93% score by staff as having a strong workplace culture and environment. We have a healthy workplace.
  • We attract and keep excellent staff.

NDIS Supports and Services

  • Personal tasks like showering, grooming, dressing, shaving, enjoying life, getting ready to go to appointments, enjoying a meal and taking your daily medications.
  • Improve your life by focussing on social, economic and daily life activities.
  • Support you to navigate public transport and build your confidence and independence.
  • Help you to live in a clean and well-maintained home. If you can mop, clean, vacuum and do laundry, we can support you to set up systems for success.
  • Improve your social life and include you in community initiatives.
  • Teach you skills like cooking and cleaning.
  • Help you to land volunteering opportunities.
  • Support you in getting your driver’s licence
  • Help you join a recreational club
  • Set you up with a new hobby
  • Socially connect you with activity groups so that you can visit interesting places

And that is not all.

  • We can even help you to get your home modified for safe mobility and independence.
  • Provide therapeutic support to help you to master everyday tasks through our team of occupational therapists.
  • We can support you to get a wheelchair or scooter prescription, equipment/assistive technology prescription and functional and environmental assessments to support your activities of daily living.
  • We can help you to get ramps, rails, stairlifts and bathroom modifications done to improve the safety and accessibility of your home.

We can set you up for success with hands-on support if you are under 65 and living with a disability.

Support Coordination Throughout

Support is fully planned around you. We will provide you with your own support coordinator to act on your behalf and to access services which are just right for your circumstances.

Your dedicated support coordinator will assist you to make sense of your support plan. You will have hands-on help to get the best out of it.

Your coordinator will act on your behalf throughout the journey and partner with you to access all the funds allocated in your plan, enabling you to live with the right level of support and enough services to lead an easy and comfortable day-to-day life.

When the time comes your coordinator will help you to get your plan reviewed, with all the changes in your life considered for the best results. We are there to partner with you so that you always feel completely supported and in good hands.

Contact Us for a Chat

Our friendly team of police-checked staff and volunteers are ready to hear from you to start the journey to continue living at home and in your community. We have team members standing by to take your call, ready to reach your goals and provide you with confidence, safety and dignity in leading your best life. Phone us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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