Support Services in Edgeworth

Beresfield Community Care is a not-for-profit community organisation. We are here to help you to keep living the life you want to, by supporting you with a range of services to help manage the necessary tasks of daily living.

Our team is full of qualified, trained, passionate and committed people. And they are local. When you call Beresfield Community Care, we are not in another city, state of country. We are just around the corner from you, ready to assist. Withfriendly and professional help from Beresfield Community Care, you can continue to live your life in the familiar surroundings of your friends, family, street and neighbourhood.

We support people living with disability (through the NDIS) as well as older Australians, (through My Aged Care) to live their best life, providing support so they can remain living in their own home and enjoy being a part of their own communities. We are committed to reconciliation through our Reconciliation Action Plan and fully inclusive of diversity.

  • As well as hiring on our values of professional, respectful, integrity, customer- focused and excellence, we insist on qualified staff.

NDIS Support in Edgeworth

Beresfield Community Care offers the following NDIS supports and services:

  • Help with personal tasks like grooming and getting ready to go out and enjoy life.
  • A support coordinator to help you to live your best life at home, look and feel your best, enjoy your life and set personal goals.
  • Your coordinator will act on your behalf and access the services right for you.
  • Support you to live in a clean and well-maintained home. We can help you to set up systems for success.
  • Help you develop your skills to cook, clean, volunteer and support you to get your driver’s licence. We can also help you to join a recreational club or start a hobby.
  • Hands-on support to get the best out of your home technology like your mobile phone, iPad or tablet, the internet, online shopping and emails. We will also support you to use social media.
  • Help you to move around safely in your home through modifications i.e. ramps and rails.
  • Therapeutic support to help you improve your independence.

You will be fully supported by our team of police-checked staff and volunteers to understand your plan, fully using it to reach your goals. You can count on us to help you to review your plan when it is time for that.

In-Home Aged Care Support


A Home Care Package is designed to match the needs of the person receiving it. Home Care Packages are available in four levels, ranging fromthe most basic Level 1 to Level 4, which offers more services for more complex needs.
Services are flexible and designed to help keep you living well at home.

Services available include:

  • Personal Care
  • Household Help
  • Meal Preparation
  • Social Support
  • Transport
  • Personal Safety
  • Lawn and Garden Care
  • Home modifications
  • Health and Wellbeing Programs

The Australian Government provides subsidised support to senior Australians, ages 65+ or 50+ ATSI, so they can stay living at home safely and comfortably.

An assessmentby the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) will be arranged for by My Aged Care.

You may be able to have help with:

  • Transport
  • Shopping
  • Household chores
  • Socialising
  • Personal Care
  • Home and Yard Maintenance
  • Meal Prep

We are waiting for Your Call

We are here to support you with a range of services to help manage the necessary tasks of daily living. No matter how big or small your needs, our support can help you to remain independent in your home and community in Edgeworth. Give us a call today to discuss living at home and staying a part of your community. We are waiting for your call and the opportunity to partner with you in making this a reality.

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