All About the Coordinator of Supports

What does a Support Coordinator do?

A Support Coordinator is able to help you understand and use your NDIS Support Plan. If you have funding in your NDIS Support Plan for ‘Coordination of Supports’, one of our trained and friendly staff can help you make sure the best supports are set up. These supports will help you work towards your goals to be able to lead your life as independently as possible.

Your NDIS plan will be carefully explained so you know how it is being used to support you. Your Coordinator will show you how to use your funds from your Plan, and the best way to get the services that suit you and your life. Your coordinator will research ideas and options to find qualified and trained providers so you can get the therapies and support you need.

Depending on your Plan and what you need, services can include therapies like physio and occupational therapy, psychology and nursing. Other support includes the regular help some people need in and around their home, like household chores, help having a shower, getting dressed, driving to an appointment, preparing or eating a meal and building your skills for everyday life.

All of this must be funded in your NDIS Plan.

How do I apply and qualify for a NDIS Plan?

To find out if you can get support you must contact the NDIA (the organisation) to access the NDIS (the program). This can be done with NDIA, via Centrelink, your GP or a social worker if you’ve been in hospital. We can help you make this contact and help you through the process.

You can contact the NDIS on 1800 800 110.

You will need to prove to the NDIS that you have a disability and need support to live independently. The NDIS team will tell you what you need to provide, like a medical diagnosis – you find more information here 

The NDIA will determine if you’re eligible have support via the NDIS.

A Local Area Coordinator (LAC) will check your application to make sure they have the information about the support you need from an NDIS Plan, and why you need it

If you are eligible for an NDIS Plan, you can choose an organisation like Beresfield Community Care to help you understand and use your Plan to meet your goals. We have been helping people in our community for over 40 years.

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How often do you receive support and services?

Every person has different needs, so every Plan is different. Some people need support every day with things like personal care (having a shower, getting dressed) Other people may need support to do things like shopping for groceries once a week or transport to an appointment, to go to an activity or maybe just have some social support like a coffee at their favourite café. The kind of support you need, and how often you need it depends on the goals your Plan.  We are here to help you to be as independent as you can be.

Being independent is also different for everyone. It might be learning to pay bills, keep your home clean and tidy, learn to drive, preparing and cooking food, learning to use public transport or going out and enjoying a social life.  Your Support Coordinator can help with skills training to improve your independence.

Once my NDIS Plan is approved, how long does it take before I start receiving services?

The paperwork takes about 14 days to complete before you can start receiving services. If you have your NDIS Plan approved, you can call us and we can set up a meeting to work out you goals and how you would like to use your Plan.

At this meeting we will work out with you how many hours and the kinds of support or service is best for you. We will confirm these details in a Service Agreement that you or a family member/advocate will need to sign. We will then roster your services and staff so you can start receiving support as soon as staff are available.

Are the meetings done in person or by telephone?

The first meeting is usually in your home and we talk about the Plan and the Service Agreement. Most meetings with your Support Coordinator can be done over the phone and questions can usually be answered at the time.  If you would prefer to meet in person rather than talk of the phone, please let us know.


Are there any out-of-pocket fees that my Plan can’t pay for?

Some examples include if you and a worker are out enjoying a movie or a meal or we need to pay for parking (if you don’t have a mobility sticker/tag). We will always talk to you about other items or services if you need them and they are not included in your Plan.

We will send you an invoice for the costs of these things and you can pay this over the phone or use internet banking.

You can also NSW Companion Card which gives free entry at participating venues for a support worker, family, friend or carer. You can find more information here: or phone 1800 893 044 (Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm).

What is the most popular question about NDIS and Coordination of Supports?

The question most people ask is what kinds of services are available. You can find a list of BCC services here:

Another question we are asked a lot is about being in a contract with a provider. A BCC Coordinator of Supports can help you find and get the best kind of support to suit you. They will also make sure you getting good value from your funding. And you have the choice to change your provider at any time.

The team at Beresfield Community Care are well-trained and experienced to help people get what they want and need using their Plan. If something isn’t working, we will talk to you about how to change it.

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