Practical Support and Services

Looking for a wide and practical range of supportive service in Wallsend? Beresfield Community Care proudly offers a range of supportive services to enable you to live independently at home in the comfort of your house, while remaining a valuable part of your local community.

Our team is well qualified, passionate, professional, focussed on our clients and providing services with excellence and we are local and in your neighbourhood. Our team is fully police checked for your full peace of mind, as well as your family.

Our team supports people living with disability as well as older Australians to remain living in their own home. 93% of our team score the organisation as having a strong workplace. We attract great staff, and we keep them,

A few more facts about us:

  • We are a not-for-profit community organisation
  • We are inclusive of diversity
  • We are committed to reconciliation
  • We hire on our strong values of professionalism, integrity, customer focus and excellence. We only hire qualified staff
  • Our profits go straight into staff training, service excellence and delivery

Our wide range of services include the following:

NDIS Support

Our police-checked team of volunteers and staff will support you to reach all your goals. We plan our support around the person. We want you to live well and as independently as possible. We support you with the following aspects to achieve that:

  • Help with personal tasks like grooming and getting ready to go out and enjoy life.
  • A support coordinator to help you to live your best life at home, look and feel your best, enjoy your life and set personal goals.
  • Your coordinator will act on your behalf and access the services right for you.
  • Support you to live in a clean and well-maintained home. We can help you to set up systems for success.
  • Help you develop your skills to cook, clean, volunteer and support you to get your driver’s licence. We can also help you to join a recreational club or start a hobby.
  • Hands-on support to get the best out of your home technology like your mobile phone, iPad or tablet, the internet, online shopping and emails. We will also support you to use social media.
  • Help you to move around safely in your home through modifications i.e. ramps and rails.
  • Therapeutic support to help you improve your independence.

Continue Living in your Familiar Environment

In-home aged care support can assist with a little or a bit more, depending on your situation, to continue living in your own home in Wallsend. Available and suitable services can be unlocked through an independent assessment arranged by My Aged Care and conducted by the Regional Assessment Services (RAS).

  • The Commonwealth Home Support Program provides support to senior Australians ages 65+ or 50+ ATSI so that they can stay living at home safely.
  • Home Care Packages are flexible and designed for more complex needs. They vary from Level 1 (the most basic) to Level 4 (more services, more often for those needing extra support

Aged Care Support Right for You

The following Aged Care Support Services are available in Wallsend. We are just a phone call away to help you with your in-home aged care.

  • Personal Care for help with showering, dressing and undressing, shaving and washing your hair.
  • Household help for keeping the essential areas of your home clean.
  • Meal preparation to provide you with freshly cooked meals and some to freeze to enjoy later.
  • Transport to get you safely to your shopping, visits to the doctor and other appointments.
  • Lawn and garden care for a neat and tidy garden. We mow, trim and clean paths.
  • Home Modifications to set you up with handrails, ramps and stairlifts for easy movement around your home.
  • Health and wellbeing programs to stay socially connected through gentle exercise groups, events with guest speakers, men’s groups and craft groups.

Contact Us to Stay Independent

Our well-trained and dedicated local team in Wallsend is here to support and to make sure you are reaching your goals. We can act on your behalf through our Support Coordinators to support you in living well. We will ensure that your plan keeps us with changes in your life so that you can feel supported throughout.

Contact our friendly team today for a chat and allow us to help you to stay in the comfort of your own home. When you choose us, you choose independence in the familiar surroundings of your family, friends, street and neighbourhood. We are waiting for your call.

Call us on 02 4964 1131 or complete the form below and we'll call you: