Living in your Community

If this is important to you, you must tread this. Beresfield Community Care in Minmi is committed to supporting you to keep living in your own home, rather than having to move into residential care.

We are local with trained, passionate and committed people all working together to help you remain independent in your own home and community. Hexham supports you to remain independent in your own home and community.

With us you can look forward to the following:

  • A local team, just around the corner and not in another town, city or state.
  • A not-for-profit organisation with all our profits going into training our staff, delivering excellent service and providing you with great delivery.
  • Team values including professionalism, respectful behaviour, integrity in everything we do, full focus on our customers and qualified staff to provide all of this.
  • The peace of mindknowing that the entire team looking after you in police checked.
  • Our Reconciliation Action Plan commits us to reconciliation, and we are fully inclusive of diversity.
  • A wide and practical range of services to help you stay comfortable and safe in your home, living the life you want.

How do we Do All of This?

In-Home Aged Care Support

We can help you to continue living in your own home, contributing to your community and living a good life.

How do I start?

An independent assessment will help you to get to the heart of the matter in knowing what is available and suitable.

Commonwealth Home Support Programs

Senior Australians are supported by the Australian Government to enable them to stay living at home in comfort and safety. The Regional Assessment Service (RAS) will arrange for an assessment so that you can be put in touch with support with:

  • Transport
  • Shopping
  • Household chores
  • Socialising
  • Personal Care
  • Home and Yard Maintenance
  • Meal Preparation

A Home Care Package for You

Home Care Packages are available to assist those in need of more than basic support and specialise in the more complex requirements of older Australians.

  • Personal care for showering, dressing and undressing, hair washing and shaving.
  • Household support to clean the essential areas of your home. We do mopping vacuuming, dusting, laundry and wiping surfaces.
  • Meal preparation to support you with freshly cooked meals as well as some to freeze for enjoying later.
  • Social assistance to visit friends, attend events and go on nice outings.
  • Lawn and garden care with mowing, trimming and cleaning paths to keep your garden looking good.
  • Home modifications to support you with safety around your home by setting you up with ramps, handrails and stairlifts.
  • Health and wellbeing programs for social connection so that your mental and physical health is also looked after.
  • Personal safety with easy to monitor devices for peace of mind all around.

Need NDIS Support?

People under 65 living with disabilities are supported by the National Disability Insurance Scheme to help them to live as independently as possible.

We can set you up with the following range of services planned around you to enable you to live a great life and reach all your life goals.

We plan support around you and partner you to be a valuable and vibrant member of your local community. We will help you to live with the right level of support to make your life easier through the right level of support.

Our Services Include:

  • A Support Coordinator to partner with you to get the best value from your plan.
  • Improved life through social and community initiatives.
  • Support to maintain a clean home through tasks like mopping, vacuuming and laundry. If you can perform these tasks, we can help you with systems for success.
  • Help with showering, grooming, dressing, daily medication and your favourite meal.
  • Home modifications by fitting rails or ramps to help you move around safely and with ease.
  • Therapeutic support with everyday tasks to improve your independence.

Dedicated Support with Daily Living

We know it is important for you to keep living the life you want to and are familiar with. We will match your needs, big or small and help you to keep living independently. We are waiting for your call. Contact us to get the conversation started. Our team in Minmi is ready and standing by to hear from you today still.

Call us on 02 4964 1131 or complete the form below and we'll call you: