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If you have registered with My Aged Care (MAC) and have a referral number, we can help. We can help with services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) or if you have been assigned a Home Care Package.

You will have received a letter from MAC which will include an AC (aged care) number, and a referral code. Please have your letter handy when you give us a call on 4964 1131.

What’s the difference between Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and a Home Care Package (HCP)?

Commonwealth Home Support Program:

This program is considered ‘entry or basic level’ meaning it provides a low level support – it is usually around 2 hours per week and there’s a list of services available through the program (e.g. household help, transport, meal preparation and more).
You’ll have access to those specific services only, and an assessor will work with you to determine the best option to suit your circumstances. 

The CHSP is designed for people who you need a little help to do things like heavier household tasks, or perhaps can no longer drive – either at all or for a short time. It is sometimes used by people returning home from hospital for a short time, but can also be used on an ongoing basis. 

The CHSP is not means tested. You pay a subsidised rate from your own pocket for each service - it is subsidised at around 75%. 

You will need a referral from My Aged Care to access subsidised in-home support. Please call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit

Home Care Packages:

Packages are designed in levels – from 1 (basic) to 4 (higher needs) and each package has a set amount of funding (called a budget) that you can use for whatever services you require- so long as they are within government guidelines and in line with your Care Plan. 

The provide a higher level of service including the number of hours, than CHSP. 

Once you have a package, it is yours until you no longer need it. Should you need more support at any time, you may be able to increase the level of package you use e.g. increase from Level 2 to Level 3 – this provides more money in the budget which means you can pay for more or different services.
Home Care Packages are more flexible than CHSP as you can choose what services to spend the budget on – based on your unique situation. Our experienced Case Managers can guide you through a Care Plan and budget and each month you will receive a statement so you’ll know exactly how much money is available. 

Home Care Packages are means tested and you may be asked to make a contribution to your package. This is determined by Centrelink.

To find out more about Home Care Package budgets and levels, and how to apply for one, please call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit

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